WTGWTD.co.uk is proud to feature The Edinburgh Festival of Sound 2020 as our festival of the week.

The Edinburgh Festival of Sound is a 2-day sound and technology festival that takes place at the Teviot Row House (EH8 9AJ) from 21st till 22nd February 2020. The festival brings together audio creatives, professionals, and a community of like-minded audio enthusiasts for a weekend of talks, workshops, live music, exhibits and performances diving deep into the inner workings of sound and technology.

Also known as TEFOS, the festival started in 2018, and this year will be the 2nd ever edition of this sound festival which brings together audio creatives, professionals and enthusiasts from the worlds of music, gaming, visual arts and beyond. The Edinburgh Festival of Sound hopes to give people of all experience levels the tools to immerse themselves in the nuts and bolts of sound production.

Join the audio professionals and hobbyists from every facet of the audio industry for discussions about 3D audio, interactive audio, creative programming, synth development and much more during this fantastic sound festival.

For more information on tickets and registration, please visit the official website of The Edinburgh Festival of Sound www.tefos.co.uk, and if you have any further questions please contact russ@tefos.co.uk

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